Blogspeak: FREEDOM


Join Adrienne Skye Roberts and Mabel Negrete  for a free, hands-on workshop to create websites for our incarcerated loved ones.

Websites are a useful tool to communicate across the walls, connect imprisoned people to their communities outside, and support campaigns for their release. In this series of three 3 hours hands-on workshop, we will build creative and easy to manage websites for our incarcerated loved ones. The workshops will cover conceptualizing and customizing a WordPress blog and how to incorporate text and digital media such as (letters, poems, legal documents, photographs, audio and videos). These websites will be featured in the A Living Chance project and other prisoner rights/anti-prison campaigns. Join us to learn how to build a website and to meet other people fighting for their loved one’s freedom.

Things to bring: laptop, photos, drawings, documents, and audio/visual materials. If you don’t have a computer, let us know. We will help you find one for the workshop.

3 Saturdays: July 25th, Aug 1st & Aug 8th, 12 – 3PM

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Room for Big Ideas (Sparkmakers Thinkering School)

San Francisco, CA

RSVP the facilitators – Limited for 6 participants. or