Free Kelly Savage!

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Kelly Savage is a domestic abuse survivor serving her 19th year of a Life Without Parole sentence for a crime committed by her abusive husband. Kelly is a collaborator of “A Living Chance: Storytelling to End Life Without Parole” and core organizer for California Coalition for Women PrisonersIn 1995, Kelly’s abusive husband killed her son Justin after she put her children to sleep and left the house to run errands in preparation to leave him with her children the next day. Kelly was not present for her son’s killing but the DA blamed her for not escaping and saving her children sooner, ignoring the very real and documented dangers associated with attempting to leave an abusive partner. California’s Intimate Partner Battering legislation allows Kelly to petition for a review of her conviction by introducing expert testimony about her abuse that was not allowed in her trial. Kelly’s defense was severely harmed by the absence of expert testimony to explain how prolonged intimate partner battering was relevant to her case.

Join us in asking our Attorney General, Kamala Harris, to withdraw her opposition to Kelly’s habeas petition and tell the court to grant her a fair hearing. Domestic violence survivors need care and support, not prison!

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