Below are samples clips from audio interviews with A Living Chance participants. The recordings span from August 2014 to present. A Living Chance hopes to record approximately 60 people surviving Life Without Parole in California’s women’s prisons throughout the next year. These stories will be incorporated in public storytelling events, exhibitions and a forthcoming interactive website.

What is Life Without Parole?

LWOP vs. Death Row Kelly, Tracee, Liz, Ellen, Bobby, and Judith
Felony Murder Tammy, Cat, Ceona, and Lynn
Gender Discrimination Kelly, Amy, and Ceona
Racism in LWOP Sentencing Glynnis, Tammy, Ceona, and Boualy
Trial Misconduct Liz, Bobby, Ceona, and Lanie

Who is Serving LWOP?

Abuse Survivors Lynn, Susan, Tammy, Glynnis
First Time “Offenders” Ceona, Judith, and LaToya
Youth Sentenced to LWOP Natalie, Tracee, and Ceona
Elderly and Aging in Prison Judith, Lanie, Ellen
Substance Use and Discrimination Michael

Life inside For LWOP

Adjustment to Life Inside Judith
LWOP as Backbone of the Community Ellen
Day to Day Coping Tracee, Ceona, and Liz
Institutional Discrimination Against LWOP Bobby and Michael
Transgender and LWOP Rae
Intergenerational Mentorship: Family Inside Judith

Organizing + Collective Resistance

Restorative Justice Rae and Laura
Analysis of State Violence and Prison Industrial Complex Ellen and Michael
General Organizing Kelly and Natalie
Anti-Violence Organizing Bobby and Kelly

Survival + Resilience

Maintaining Hope Kelly
Impact of LWOP on Families Bobby
Healing Over Time Lynn
Who I Am Today Natalie and Tracee